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Workplace ergonomics and posture

For those returning to work it's worth investing some time thinking about your workplace ergonomics and posture.

Working from home is a reality for a lot of people and some of us are scrambling to adapt. Adopting a healthy and effective remote working strategy is crucial during this time.

Some things to consider:

  • Alternate positions between sitting and standing.

  • Use a headset or earphones for calls, encouraging you to get up and walk around.

  • Set boundaries around ‘work-life’ and ‘private-life’, and establish a clear structure. This includes monitoring the amount of working hours and taking regular breaks.

Here are some resources for optimal seated and standing work ergonomics. You may need to get creative with what you’ve got around the house. If you need specific advice, get in touch with your Osteopath or qualified health professional.

And always remember, physical distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection. Make an effort to maintain communication with your co-workers, family and friends.

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