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Dry Needling

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What Will You Feel During Dry Needling Treatment?
You may feel a mild sensation as the needle inserts and withdraws. A brief muscle twitch may occur, which is a sign of the muscle being released and relaxed.

Can You Exercise After Dry Needling?
This will very much depend on what techniques and areas are treated. Our practitioners may recommend avoiding strenuous or high impact activities immediately after needling, to allow time for the area to recover and to maximise the benefits of treatment.

Is Dry Needling Safe?
Your practitioners can explain and determine whether dry needling is suitable for you. Every form of treatment can carry an associated risk. Side effects may occur, bruising, fainting, nausea, residual discomfort or even altered energy levels. However, these symptoms should last no longer than 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

Complete Care Osteopathy offers Dry Needling Therapy. Great for addressing tight and tender muscles and helping with muscular and skeletal pain

At Complete Care Osteopathy, we have practitioners that are qualified and skilled in dry needling and are happy to discuss the use of these techniques as part of your treatment plan.

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