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Clinical Pilates

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Clinicl Pilates being performed at Complete Care Osteo. Equipment including Reformer Pilates, Trapeze Cadillac and other devices. Stretching, strengthening, toning, weight loss, injury prevention, rehab, injury prevention

What is Clinical Pilates?

Pilates in the clinical setting is an individualized form of exercise designed to improve control, optimize movement patterns and reduce risk of injury. First introduced by Joseph Pilates in the late 1800s and now developed into a sophisticated, evidence-based method, it is widely used in allied helath practice in the management of musculoskeletal injuries as well as improving sports and athletic performance.


Benefits of Clinical Pilates?

- Improve posture & core stability.
- Restore movement and improve flexibility. 
- Build muscular strength.
- Rehab of injuries.
- Enhance breathing control.
- Improve coordination and balance.
- Injury prevention.

Clinical Pilates at Complete Care Osteo!

Clinical Pilates at Complete Care Osteo is run by our Osteopaths and utilises premium Pilates equipment including the Rehab Reformer, Trapeze Table (also called a Cadillac), and other specialised small apparatus. Individualised clinical programs are developed by the osteopath tailored to the client’s injury status and health goals. 


Clinical Pilates is appropriate for all ages, skill level, physical capacity and ability. 


To ensure best practice and technique, our Clinical Pilates Initial Consultation Assessment is performed as a 1:1 session.

Once a Pilates assessment has been completed, clients can continue with private Clinical Pilates lessons 1:1, or enter small class groups of 1:3. 


Our clinical Pilates sessions are claimable through Private Health Insurance.

Want to learn more?

For further information regarding class times and costs, feel free to contact us on 7036 6525 or email us at

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