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How much sitting is too much?

As a result of modern advancements in technology, much of our work and entertainment is screen-based, and many of us sit for the majority of that time. The human body isn’t designed to be inactive.

Extended time sitting significantly increases the risk of spinal joint and disc injuries, as well as chronic health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and obesity. There is also research linking sedentary time with an increased prevalence of both depression and anxiety.

Tips to get you up and moving:

  • Try to limit sitting, aim for less than 4 hours per day (harder than you might think!)

  • Walk/ride to work or school.

  • If catching public transport, try standing when commuting if you can.

  • Take regular breaks every 30-60 minutes.

  • Encourage ‘walk-and-talk’ meetings at work.

  • Engage in stretching and strengthening exercises-Pilates/yoga.

  • Use technology devices such as a Fitbit or smart-watch to track health and fitness goals.

  • Consider a Vari-desk (or sit-to-stand desk).

It’s important to remember that anything is better than nothing! Small changes are positive steps in the right direction for better health.

Visit a health practitioner to get assistance for your specific needs.


Check out: ‘The Sitting Epidemic’ By Daniel Angelini

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