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TURMERIC - Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory 🙌

The benefits of turmeric go far beyond boosting the flavour of your curry! 🍛🤤

Turmeric, part of the ginger family, has long been used as for its medicinal purposes, particularly for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and therefore can be helpful in many musculoskeletal problems.

🎓Studies have shown that turmeric and its active ingredient CURCUMIN contains bioactive compounds which help in reducing inflammation by decreasing the levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokine in the body and can work as affectively as Ibuprofen, a great choice for those that would prefer a more natural medication!

Studies have shown that Curcumin:

✅ Helps relieve inflammation

✅ Helps relieve mild joint aches and pains

✅ Reduces symptoms of mild osteoarthritis, including mild joint aches and pains

✅ Relieves mild joint swelling   

✅ Increases flexibility of the joints

✅ Can reduce episodes and severity of migraines

✅ Gall bladder support

Other evidenced based studies also show that CURCUMIN has many proven health benefits and is showing promising results in the potential to improve heart health, prevent against Alzheimer’s, cancer and depression! 🤯🤯🤯

To achieve the therapeutic benefits of Curcumin, large amounts of turmeric would need to be consumed.  Curcumin is also fat soluble and therefore to achieve medicinal benefits, turmeric would need to be taken with a high fat meal.

🤔 Taking a supplement for most is more convenient and ensures you obtain the correct amount of curcumin to achieve desired results.

🔥 BIOCEUTICALS TERACURMIN TRIPLE is a PREMIUM high dose supplement that is a highly bioavailable form of curcumin, so it is easily absorbed by your body!

Check it out next time you’re in the clinic and speak to our friendly team to see if this supplement would be beneficial for you! 😊

Ph: (03) 7036 6525

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