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Functional Rehabilitation Exercises

At Complete Care Osteopathy we focus on optimising your movement and biomechanics.


Our practitioners are able to customise exercises to your fitness level and ability. The exercise programs provide personalised and suitable exercises tailored to your individual needs!


Our team will assess your balance, stability, movement, strength and endurance. Our aim is to identify imbalances, weaknesses, asymmetries and movement restrictions in the body, and implement strategies to address and improve your function.
We believe in the importance of educating you about active management strategies, and supporting you to achieve your health and well-being goals.

Complete Care Osteo Lilydale program for functional rehabilitation exercies. Great for rehab of balance, stability, movement, strength and endurance to address weaknesses and pain to allow you to feel your best

We're here to help you

You can book a session with one of our caring practitioners to assist you in your health journey. Click on the BOOK ONLINE NOW link below.

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