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Dr Andrew Boskovski, Osteopath working at Complete Care Osteopathy in Lilydale, Yarra Ranges. Andrew has a special interest in shoulder and lower back injuries and can assist in all your treatment and rehab management needs



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Dr Andrew Boskovski (Osteopath) completed his studies to become an Osteopath at Victoria University in Melbourne. He graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy) with Distinction, and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). Andrew also completed his Bachelor of Biomedical science at Deakin University prior to commencing his Osteopathic studies. His Masters studies examined the effectiveness of exercise rehabilitation in the management of subacromial impingement, a common shoulder presentation in Osteopathic practice.


Andrew is a highly motivated individual with a passion for helping return patients back to health and wellness. With a background in professional arm wrestling, Andrew brings a unique perspective to his patient care. He holds a national title and is currently ranked third in Oceania. Andrew has experience working with elite and amateur athletes and is the current head trainer at Coldstream Football Club.


Andrew has a keen interest in treating shoulder and low back complaints and believes in using a multidisciplinary approach. He’s dedicated to finding the root cause of his patient's discomfort, utilising the latest evidence to elicit long term changes. Andrew undertook an internship at Complete Care Osteopathy in Lilydale, being mentored by the talented team and Principal Osteopath – Dr Jordan Beltramin.


Andrew is dedicated to providing the best possible care to his patients and is constantly seeking new ways to improve his skills. With his passion and drive, he is poised to make a significant impact in the field, and provide care to the great people of Lilydale and the Yarra Valley.


Andrew is local to Lilydale, growing up in Croydon North. When not at the clinic you’ll find him enjoying the outdoors, hiking in the Yarra Valley, training at the gym, arm wrestling or dining out.

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Dr Andrew Boskovski

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