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Posture Strains and The “Prone-I-Raise”

Being stuck at your desk job can put some serious strain on you back and neck and impact your quality of life.

The prolonged sitting can cause lower back pain, as it places stress on the spine. Along with the stress on the spine, slumping forward to read computer screens or slouching in a chair with poor back support can make your back pain worse.

Slouching while seated can also put a large amount of strain on your neck and shoulders. Staying in one position for the majority of the day can strain the muscles in your neck and shoulders, causing the stiffness.

Some strategies to minimise the pain and discomfort can include.

1. Maintain good posture.

Proper posture is a key element in reducing and preventing neck and back pain. Having the top of your screen at eye height is helpful to minimise any strain.

2. Get a good desk set up.

Setting up a good workspace can also help with improving your posture. A adjustable desk and an ergonomic chair are a great start, also placing the keyboard and mouse right in front of you so your elbows are by your side at 90 degrees is a useful tip.

3. Exercise and stretch.

Doing light exercised to strengthen and stretch your muscles can be extremely preventative. Going for a walk or introducing desk stretches and exercises can be helpful to break up the prolonger periods of sitting still.


The “Prone I – Raise”! 🙏

"Prone I – Raise" is an exercise that can work to both strengthen some muscles and relax other ones at the same time. This can be a very helpful stretch for people that have tight neck and shoulders as it turns off over dominate upper traps and allows them to relax. Having tight trapezius muscles can be a leading cause of neck and shoulder pain. In turning off the upper traps, the under active lower traps are turned on and engaged. This engagement of the lower traps helps to strengthen them.

The stretch also works to turn off overactive pectorals and creates a lengthening of the spine.

The “Prone I – Raise” is not only an upper body stretch as it also works to engage and turn on glute muscles, strengthening them.

There are many different variations of the prone I raise, which include moving your arms into different positions, targeting different muscles.

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