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Common Posture Strains: Lower-Crossed Syndrome

Lower-crossed syndrome (LCS) is a postural imbalance that affects the ability to maintain pelvic stability.

People with LSC typically display swayback (lumbar hyper-lordosis), forward tilted pelvis and protruded abdomen. Externally rotated (or ‘turned-out’) hips and knee-hyperextension is also often featured.

Most cases of LCS are a result of sedentary lifestyle, prolonged sitting and poor posture. Inactivity creates a pattern of tightness in the hip flexors and lumbar erector spinae, coupled with weakness of the glutes, abdominals and deep stabilising muscles of the lumbar spine.

Other contributing factors may include:

-Wearing high heels.

-Pregnancy posture and cesarean section births.

-Obesity or classic ‘beer-gut’ posture.

-Abdominal and pelvic organ disorders, particularly those that lead to scar tissue formation such as pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis.

-Abdominal surgeries.

-Injury and trauma leading to pelvic compensations.

LCS can contribute to movement dysfunctions, joint misalignments, restricted range of motion, and an increase likelihood of pain and injury.

Symptoms may include:

- Lower back hip and sacroiliac joint pain.

- Muscular tightness and stiffness of the hips and lower back.

- Lumbar facet and disc injuries.

- Hip joint impingement.

- Knee, ankle and foot dysfunctions.

- Muscular strain, tendinopathies and ligamentous strains of the lower extremity.

- Thoracic and cervical compensations (as seen in upper-crossed syndrome).

What can we do about LCS?

The focus is on addressing the short and weak muscles, with the objective to restoring balance. This may involve stretching of specific tight muscles and strengthen those that have been weakened. Core stability and postural advice is crucial in improving and preventing the condition.

Osteopathic treatment and management can assist in identifying underlying conditions related to LCS and recommend a customised stretching and strengthening program ✌️

✅ Book a session today!

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